Alghanim Industries- Human Resources Process Excellence Intern

Over the summer of my Junior year as an undergraduate, I interned in the HR Process Excellence department at Alghanim Industries in Kuwait. Along with a colleague majoring in Finance, we were tasked to work on one of the company’s strategic challenges on attracting Kuwaiti millennials to the company.

I was able to apply engineering analytic tools on the employee data base from 1990. We conducted focus groups with millennials from the company to better understand their struggles in the workforce. Additionally, to better understand the aspirations and needs from the workplace, we were given the opportunity to initiate a corporate wide survey to the millennials in the company. The survey was based on studies from the Harvard Business Review and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Following the studies, we were able to recommend a series of implementation plans regarding the exit/stay interviews and training programs.

We had the opportunity of presenting our results to the Chief Human Resources Officer as well as many other executives from Alghanim Industries.