Mostajed is a non-profit organization that helps Kuwaiti students all over the United States in their transfer to the US to pursue their studies. Mostajed has a representative in almost every city or university that has Kuwaiti students. I am Mostajed’s representative in Pennsylvania helping Kuwaiti students settle and succeed in their studies.
I have planned and organized a series of workshops and social events to help the Kuwaitis transition their lives in the United States as seen below:

MC for Summer 2014’s Orientation Program

I was the MC for Mostajed’s Orientation of Summar ’14 addressing more than 1,000 Kuwaiti students coming to the US. The orientation was hosted at Kuwait University’s campus.

Spring’14 Barbeque

To welcome the Spring Season, I organized a BBQ at the Haymarket Park in State College, PA.

Fall ’14 Dinner

A formal Kuwaiti dinner was hosted at the Courtyard Marriott in State College, PA. Remarks were given by Dr. Meshal Algharib, Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Penn State University Park.

Spring’15 Workshop & Dinner

A workshop titled “Importance of Working Out” was given by Mr. Bryan St. Andrews, Owner and Head Instructor of Crossfit Nittany. The workshop was followed by a traditional Kuwaiti dinner.